Honfleur, a port town


Fishing Port

The outer harbour is reserved to fishing boats which come to moor at the quayside and unload their day’s catch.

About 40 active units practice inshore fishing also referred to as fresh fishing (the boats only go out for the time of one tide, so the fish undergo no preservation treatment).

The fishes captured are sole, dogfish, gurnard, mackerel, fresh cod, turbot, cel, brill, dab, whiting whithout forgotten the scallops and the famous shrimps which are sold alive on landing during the season.



Port de plaisance

No better site for sailing could be found than the Old Dock of Honfleur. This very original and unique setting attracts many yachts, which make it a port of call in the season, British flags being by far the most common.

For more information please contact the Club House :

Club Nautique Honfleurais : 8, rue Saint-Antoine – B.P. 50002

Phone number : 00 33 2 31 98 87 13.



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Old sailing ship

Le Vieux Bassin welcomes several old ships.

– Le Marie-Madeleine, Bautier de Barfleur (1934), « Monument Historique »
– Le Dehel, barque chalutière (1931) de l’association AMERAMI, « Monument Historique » depuis 1986
– Le Sheena, voilier de course (1916) de l’association AMERAMI  « Monument Historique »
– Le Garmouth, le Rose de Savanah, le Fides, le P’tit Gros

Association Honfleuraise des Vieux Gréements
tél. 06 62 28 67 13 (Laurent Leblanc – président)
www.vieuxgreements.fr – contact@vieuxgreements.fr


Discover La Sainte Bernadette.

One of the oldest fishing boat of Normandy !

Association La Chaloupe
tel. 02 31 98 70 54 ou 06 11 92 39 67  (Alain Morice – président)
www.associationlachaloupe.com – lachaloupe.honfleur@gmail.fr

Port of call

On the banks of the Seine, there also exists three wharfs. Since a few years these wharfs welcome cruise ships with passengers coming from all around the world.

On December 2013 the Port of Rouen-Honfleur inaugurated its new Cruise Terminal in Honfleur on, offering cruise companies and its passengers a welcome, comfortable and safe cruise terminal.

The terminal entirely accessible to persons with reduced mobility, hosts not only the tourist information point, generated by the Tourist Office of Honfleur, but also a boutique offering souvenirs and quality regional products from Normandy.



Commercial port

The traditional port of Honfleur includes three docks : the western dock or « Old Dock », the eastern dock or Republican Dock built in 1840 and the larger Carnot Dock built later in 1892.

The need for Honfleur to maintain its port, despite the sanding-up due to the estuary and the resulting silting-up, has determined its topographical evolution through the centuries.

The port of Honfleur is accessible to ships of up 2500 tons, by a channel 500 m long, linked to the mouth of the Seine and protected since 1995 by a lock chamber.

Its distinctive feature is to be both a sea and a river port.

On the banks of the Seine, there also exists three wharfs. The traffic consists mainly of hydrocarbons, clays, wood from the north and plywood.

However, since a few years these wharfs welcome cruise ships with passengers coming from all around the world.



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